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Forum Not mastered, but move on to the next module anyway?

Not mastered, but move on to the next module anyway?


I would like to know what others do when they finish a module but haven't quite mastered all aspects of it yet. That is, all the exercises are complete but recall for either vocabulary or grammar construction is not 100%.

Do others go to the next module? Or do you drill the current module until recall is at 100%?

nóng fū

夫婦茶碗, I've been working on the Mandarin for a number of years and I use a "brain soaking" technique.  That is, I don't attempt to master any lesson or fill the brain like it is an empty vessel; rather I continuously expose the brain to the different symbols, sounds, and meanings and allow the brain to build the synapses necessary to make sense of this very different language.  In practice this means that I am continuously iterating all the lessons and with each iteration I realize more and more language comprehension.  


Move on to the next and come back to it later when you feel your skills may have improved. It always works.


Thank you all for your feedback!

I was leaning toward moving forward and feel more confident about that decision after reading all of your comments. My difficulty with a certain module stems from the grammar involving a double negative, and I suppose it will be a long while before I'm comfortable with that. As it turns out, the next module is very easy (so far). I should have continued on to it sooner. (•‿•)


I agree.  I also move on to a new lesson, but still go back and review the older lessons everyday.  At this point, I can do the earlier lessons very well, so don't review as often.   I have one particular lesson right now that I just can't get the pronounciation right on, but come back every day to review.  One day, I will figure it out after I listen to it long enough.  That has happened before.


I've started marking many things "good" (yellow) in the rocket reinforcement sections even if I find them "easy" (green) so that I remember to go back to review them. I wish there was a way to mark individual modules for review.

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