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Forum Organizing My Vocab

Organizing My Vocab



I don't know if it is possible but it would be nice if I could organize the words in My Vocab. As of now they seem to go in random spots on the list and not even the order that I put them in. Maybe a drag/drop feature is possible?


Another problem with My Vocab is that some words seem to go missing. I have put in definitions for all the words over the last few times through the course and when I repeat at the beginning and as I progress through the lessons I find the same 20-30 words missing their definitions. They appear randomly and not in one lesson.
Is anyone else noticing this?
I have reported the problem but they can't duplicate it.



Another website that I use to study Spanish is Veintimundos. Many of the words in the articles there are linked to definitions that pop up when you roll over them. Other words could be quickly looked up by double clicking them, when opened a dictionary that I think was associated with the site. That feature, which I liked a lot, stopped working awhile back, and I wondered if it was affected by the Flash change that messed things up here.

Anyway, I have often wished that Rocket Languages had a similar function. I guess I should have suggested that when they were compiling a wish list for feature upgrades.


Hi Alan - Missing My Vocab entries is a strange issue. Please contact customer support about it.
Regarding sorting My Vocab, we are changing the way that it will work before the end of the year. I will make sure that your comments are noted for when the time comes.

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