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Hello all,

I hope you ll are doing well,


My name is Aziz and i'm from Saudi Arabia. I'm here to learn german as my third language as there are some roots in my family that goes to germany from my grandmother side and I would love to speak it. However, I'm working around 13 hours a day and each time I start the tuter here in rocket languages weather something comes up and it takes me away then i forget all what i have learned. 


Can anyone please help me out at least fromt he people how started the program how long do you take in each lessona dn what is the plan to master the german language. I can't speak german around me because no one know german except my uncle and he's in germany...So I hope someone can guide me and give me some advices







Salamu Alekum Aziz!

My I first suggest that you post your question in the German forum (this part is for general questions). I am in the Spanish program and am pretty much conversationally fluent now thanks to Rocket Spanish - so you've made a good choice regarding which online program to follow. My advice to you is to determine what you can do EVERY DAY and stick to it. Consistency is the key. If you want to speak with native German speakers, there is a web site where you can get connected. Good luck in your language learning!





I agree with Steven: do something every day, without fail. Even if it is only a few minutes. In fact, there is some evidence that learning in small chunks of time is better than spending a long time less often studying.

Right now, some of the time that I usually spend studying Spanish is being devoted to another project. So I am working to fit in my Spanish when I can. I try to think about things in my target language, or talk to myself in Spanish. When I am driving somewhere I listen to the audio or study my verbs in the Quizlet ap.

Good Luck,





Yes, spend time on it every day.  Also, don't rush.  Spend time working through the testing tab.  I also suggest finding outside materials as well as online videos and shows in German.  You may want to go onto Quizlet to see what flashcard sets are available.

Also, go onto Memrise to see any "courses" that people may have created from German.



I'm studying French.  After my native English, French my fourth western European language.  I learned German in high shcool, but have fogotten most of it because of disuse.  I learned Spanish when I lived in Mexico; that's really the best way to learn a language.  Beacause I'm Canadian, I've had exposure to written French for most of my life and quite enjoy studying the language.

I agree, one needs to work at the new language consistently; one hour each day is much more valuable than 7 hours once a week, even though they're the same amount of time.  On the French side of Rocket Languages are good tips for studying the language; I suspect the German side also has good tips; check them out.

How much time one spends on a lesson is directly related one's own ability with the language.  There are no rules regarding how much time one must spend on each lesson, and that's one of the advantages of learning on-line, as opposed to learning in a classroom.  My experience is that some lessons are easier and need less time than do other lessons.

Regarding language exposure.  The internet is full of programming in a multitude of languages.  For real newbies, there are programs for children, and for the more advanced, there are movies.  Another thing you might try, Aziz, is to find a German-language news program.

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