Forum Play It! No playback of recorded conversation?

Play It! No playback of recorded conversation?


I noticed yesterday than I can no longer play back the recorded conversation in the Play It! section of any of the lessons. I know this was only available on the web version of the software...but now it seems to have disappeared. I use this function all the time and find it quite useful. Is there a reason it is no longer available? It would be a shame that a useful feature like this would be removed. It almost defeats the purpose... Please advise!

Schönen Tag noch!


This is also occurring in Rocket French (the Travelogue anyway). 

You go through (e.g.) "Play as Nathalie", and when complete only the first line is visible - no rating and no option to repeat. 

I suspect it's part of the upgrade process.


This is a big deal!

Without playback it does defeat the object of the exercise and it doesn't give you an overall % score to let you know how your'e doing.
Please seriously consider reinstating it.


Hard to believe that only two other people have raised this


I don't think it can be affecting everyone, playback of recorded conversations in Play It was working for me. Windows 10 PC.


It's now back to working ok for me. 
I can only suppose there was a test or upgrade going on.


Yes it is now working once again! Thank goodness.

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