Forum Problem with Interactive Audio Course Lessons Play It Feature

Problem with Interactive Audio Course Lessons Play It Feature


Starting yesterday morning, when I use the Interactive Audio Course Play It! feature. Selecting the "Play As" role of the second person (in this case Paul) at the end of the conversation the "Rate It" bar doesn't appear at all or takes 30-60 seconds to appear. This doesn't occur when selecting the roll of the first person. I've tried several lessons with the same results. I also tested this issue with other computer with the same results. 


I am having similar slow experiences in Rocket Japanese at the moment. So it may be a glitch on their end of the servers and not your computer.


Yes I experienced the same thing yesterday (25th) in German. Very long wait until the rate it buttons appeared.


I have been having same issue last few days, with Paul.


It appears to be a system wide issue. I'm not sure why the rocket folks haven't responded to this issue. Do we need to submit a formal support request?

I have found a workaround. Just click anywhere within the Interactive Play It Feature window and the Rate It bar will appear immediately appear.


I have been having the same issue with spanish and arabic. The solution seems to work.


I've noticed the same thing with the "Hear It " tests on my current lessons in Spanish. Maybe we should tell them about it, 'cause I've tried the workaround that Ron mentioned without success.


To All,
I summited a formal support ticket to Rocket on October 30th through the Help Center.

When an Interactive lesson freezes or goes into delay mode, try clicking on one of the green "Select Level:" buttons. That one always works for me.


marieg-rocket languages

Hi there, 

Our apologies for this inconvenience and for the delay in getting back to you. I have gone ahead and reported the problem to our tech support team; once I have a reply, I will let you know. 

Kind Regards. 


Thanks Ron


"Play It" feature is still SO messed up.  
I'm having all of the problems mentioned above, particularly the freezing of the Mauricio dialogue audio after each sentence.  I have to repeatedly hit the "get started" button after each of his sentences to continue.  
Also...lesson 21.1 The Family Reunion...the last sentence in the dialogue is "Uh..."  Very bad choice for any voice recognition program.  It freezes there, and I cannot get it to register no matter what I say (or scream), and I am unable to progress and finish the section.  
It's frustrating.
(edited to add that I'm using Chrome)


I've experienced the same issue as well with the Play it! feature. I've discovered that when it freezes, if I just click within the blue highlighted box of the current dialog it will continue to play.

Regarding voice recognition, I find that in some cases I'm forced to way over emphasize some letters within words. I go to Google Translate and test it there to determine if it's my pronunciation or the Rocket program.


Yes, "play it" is still getting stuck in German but that trick of hitting the "get started" button works great, thanks for the tip.

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