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Re-Recording in "Know It"


Sometimes in the "Know it" section, I noticed I can't re-record something I already recorded.  I've found that even though I try re-recording a word, phrase or sentence that I didn't pronounce very well, it plays back my first attempt and not the one I just recorded.

Is there anyone else experiencing this?  This problem along the inability to sometimes not be able to play back what I recorded in the "Hear it Say it" and "Know it" sections is a recent problem that started around a week ago.  Before that, the program was working great so I'm assuming it has to do with some updates that the programmers have been doing recently.  I hope it gets fixed soon.

Jason, If you're reading this, I reported this to Customer Support so they know about it.



Timmay!: I have not noticed this. Since some of the bugs were worked out, I think the voice recording system is working pretty well for me. It still frustrates me a bit when the system does not recognize a short, simple, two or three word phrase, but after Jason explained that the system evaluates things in the context of an entire sentence, I can understand. In fact, I am impressed that a computer can do such a thing. 


I'm starting to wonder if it's just my computer.  The weird thing is the program was working pretty much flawlessly a week ago and I've changed nothing with my computer.  Same operating system, using Chrome browser and I have the same microphone headset.  I'm not having any problems recording and playing back in the non-testing areas of the program.  All the practice hearing and repeating parts of the interactive audio lessons works great every time. 

It's logical to assume if I'm having an issue on my end, I would be experiencing it everywhere in the program but that's not the case.  Weird.

Anyway, thanks for the response Dan.


Hi Timmay - Thanks for the feedback. A few people have reported exactly this, so we are looking into it today. We did some optimization last week that may have effected what's happening with some members audio recordings. Sorry for the inconvenience.


My company is currently trying to put into production a new and relatively complex software solution at one of customer's site. We are running into occasional glitches where changes made in one area have adversely affected functionality in another - which of course causes consternation with our customer. To help explain the situation with them, I quoted you above Jason (hope you don't mind!): despite all the testing can be done in advance, it's inevitable that unforeseen issues arise and, in an effort to fix one thing, occasionally something else gets broken.


Hi Steven - I am glad you posted this! I had forgotten to respond. Timmays initial issue should be resolved. It took a while to track it down but we got there! Please let me know if it is not resolved for you.


Hi Jason, I wouldn't be able to comment yet if the re-recording problem is resolved because I'm still having problems with the playback in all the testing sections.  I've been corresponding with Customer Support and sending them screenshots to help document the problem.  The main problem that I've encountered is the program's consistency on playing back what I record.  The playback was probably only working for me around 10% of the time around a week ago but the recent changes the IT team did improved it a lot and now I'm experiencing around 50-75% success on playing back my recordings.  

I've recently noticed that instead of having the play symbol pop up highlighted in the testing sections, it's the pause symbol instead.  When I click on the pause symbol, it plays back most of the time and then changes back to the play arrow.  When the program fails to play back my recording, an exclamation point pops up and says "Whoops! There was a problem playing this audio. Please try again or contact Customer Support."

The program works great in recognizing what I say and writing it out correctly most of the time.  It's obvious the program struggles with numbers and certain words but I would say the program is highly accurate in most cases.  It would be great to get the playback working as close to 100% of the time as well.  

I don't want to be a pain in the arse and I hope my feedback is helping you make the 2016 version even better.



Jason, I went through a complete lesson today verifying each time I recorded myself in the testing sections that my recording would or would not play back.  The success rate was probably around 75%.  Like I've said before, the recent changes the IT folks did definitely did some good.  Maybe there's a final tweak they can do to get it closer to a 100% success rate.  

I don't think I've said it before, but thanks for the new program.  I'm getting a lot out of the new features and feel I'm getting a more complete instruction in learning Spanish by hitting all areas of learning a new language.



Mine is slightly off topic but still about recording. May be the more experienced compatriots in the learning journey could give me some help. 

My understand of the (French) language is that il/ils, elle/elles sound the same, ditto for quel/quels, quelle/quelles. Correct? I could get the singular forms without problem usually in the first try but the plurals, almost never until the prompt said "move on" as if I was tiring it.

Lets take another example of a reasonably "long" sentence for beginners. If I got it right or 100% the first time but I knew I missed a bit the 2nd time yet it kept the 1st 100% or gave me a new 100%; I don't know. Side bar: I always repeat it a 2nd time or more to be sure that I really got it and not a fluke. 

Jason said that the mic is sensitive and can pick up any ambient noise in the room; the best way was to use a headset. I tried that but it didn't seem to change anything; I prefer not to wear a headset unless that's the only way. 

FYI: I post that I had trouble with the alphabets; still couldn't get most of the 26 properly. I gave up and moved on to Module 3. 



The pronunciation between il/ils, elle/elles is generally the same but varies, as you probably know, according to the word that follows in the sentence. That said in practice (i.e., on the street), you can get some pretty significant variations with "il" and "ils".


Hi all - Wherever there was a languages alphabet listed we have changed it from Rocket Record to just audio as, generally, very short words by themselves are not easily picked up by the voice recognition system. If some have been missed then please let us know.

M-L; Can you point me to a particular lesson and phrase where you have the il/ils and elle/elles issue happening?


I can record as many times as I like to get the pronunciation right. There are some issues with it not picking up short words.


I have the same problems with short words such as the numbers. Try try again and when you finally get them then you realized that you have arrived.

JASON: I still can't finish 7.3 On the Mountain because of the exclamation by Claire and Paul, both the lesson and the test "Play It". Anyone else had reported the problem?

Claire started with  WAOUH! That got me an gray stop sign with an exclamation inside saying,"Whoops! There is a problem playing this audio. Please try again or contact Customer Support. I believe I sent you a screen shot and you said you would give it to IT. 

The last bit was Paul screaming "AAAAAHHHH", same message. 

I finished Module 7 except that bit part. I have a lot to review such as the short words and phrases so IT can take their time, just don't let it fall through the crack. 


Hi Tony - Yes, very short words may throw up some unusual responses as short words/audio don't allow the voice recognition system to use its context based algorithm correctly. We are working on ways around this.

Hi M-L - This should be sorted this week. We are implementing a function so that those words/phrases are ignored in the likes of RF 7.3.


As a rule I am trying to score 100% on each sentence in the hear it know it and wont score myself as good until I am satisfied I got it all right. Sometimes when the computer scores me at 0% for a section I have to readjust. I noticed Japanese numbers are an issue and they will write it in arabic numerals instead of kanji and as a result you get a zero score.

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