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I like to include a little reading in my target language each day, usually on my iPad while I eat breakfast, sort of like reading the back of the cereal box as a kid.

Anyway, I recently found a cool ap for that. It's called Readlang, it is free, and on it you can find all kinds of stories in your target language. You can search by fiction/non fiction and other catagories, by difficulty (A1 through B2 for example) and story length. It has a nice word lookup feature, as well as an embedded dictionary. I think you can upload your own texts or stories into it but I have not gotten that far yet.


Yes I found readlang too. It is a nice source of easy reading material and it is nice to be able to click on a word and get the translation.
Apart from that I have found it quite hard to find suitable material. I have  a couple of German novels but although they are simply written the have so many new words that it becomes overwhelming. I also found quite a few children's stores on the net and they were easier but still had a lot of unsuitable words. Who needs to know the words for giants and goblins. :-)

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