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Recent changes!


Hi all

Over the last few months, we have been rolling out quite a few changes to the members' area.  Because they have been drip-fed, you may not have caught up on them all! So, here is a list of the main things that have changed, and I will add to it in this thread over the coming months as more changes are on the way!

Recent changes

  • "Get Started" page added to help new users understand the course features in a better way,
  • "My Tools" page added to make the learning tools more obvious,
  • Dashboard now has lesson descriptors to help explain the different lesson types,
  • All clickable buttons have been made more consistent in how they work/look,
  • General style changes to make the layout less confusing,
  • The Rocket Reinforcement activities rating layout has changed to make it work in a more user-friendly way (this just went live today!).
Rocket Japanese:
  • Level 1 Interactive Audio Course has been re-recorded to replace non-native speakers Japanese.
The app:
  • General styling changes to better match the desktop version,
  • New onboarding system as per the recent desktop changes,
  • New "Get Started" page.

Upcoming major changes

These changes are scheduled to be done over the next couple of months.

  • Voice recognition coming to the Safari browser.
The app:
  • Addition of My Tools functionality
Rocket Chinese:
  • The Level 1 Language & Culture lessons to be completely revamped.
Rocket Russian:
  • Level 2 to be completed,
  • Level 3 by the end of the year.
Rocket German:
  • Level 1 revamp.
There are several smaller UI/UX changes coming as well, so don't be surprised if things look a bit differently next time you log in!




Great news that the My Tools functionality is coming to the App.  Looking forward to it.


Jason, I noticed the rearrangement of the Phrase Ratings today and really like it.  Thank you for your continual work on Rocket Spanish!


Hi Karen - Glad you like it!

Dean V

Unfortunately i didn't notice the phrase rating button rearrangement until i accidentally labeled half of my phrases hard instead of easy, oh well, that just how it is sometimes


Hi Dean - Yes, we changed that to minimize the mouse movement required between clicks!


About the Rocket Reinforcement activities rating layout, if you use the number pad to rate a flashcard the system uses the old setup (left to right, 1=hard, 2=good, 3=easy) which is the reverse of the new button layout (left to right, easy, good, hard) on the webpage. Is that intentional?


Hi  夫婦茶碗  - The hotkeys will be changed soon! We just wanted to do one thing at a time :)


Glad to hear Safari voice recognition is rolling out soon. Bravo!. Elena


Hi Jason - nice to see the continuing development of your great product!


Hey I really do not appreciate those hot keys being changed at all.

I have been just sitting here at my PC doing write it, then I record my voice and I use the keyboard for the whole set. I then hit the number "3" to rate it as easy and then I end up with a whole set rated as hard!

I do not think this is a good idea at all and it is probably best to revert it back to the original way. It makes no sense as in a numerical order from 1 to 3 you would expect the highest to be the easiest as it has always been.

I understand the movement for the mouse, but I do not use the mouse and that is inconsequential.

Could you please reset the hotkeys to what they originally where.

Also this new points system you are no longer getting 25 points for "play it" that was introduced towards the end of last year.


When do we get our profile pictures back?


Hi Tony - I hear what you are saying re the hot keys but it makes more sense, particularly for new users, to have them in the same order as the rating buttons. 

I will look into the Play it! issue. I don't expect it's anything major.

Hi  夫婦茶碗 - Yes, it looks like the avatars have disappeared. This will be sorted soon!


I like all of the changes except for no longer getting 25 points when completing a "Play It" dialogue - it's probably silly, but it was a good little push for me to re-do a "Play It" until I got 100% - now I lean towards not really going over the material like I was before. 

It's totally my problem, I just loved earning points for making it through a whole dialogue without making a mistake.  Getting the 25 point reward balanced out the repetitiveness of going over it until it was 100% correct. I hope it gets reinstated.

Thanks for all you do, Rocket Team!
Best, Kelly


Hi KellyMJara - That should have been fixed!


Hi Jason - 

It actually happened in the middle of my study time!  I thought it was weird so I came over here.  I am glad I said something if it is not a new change.  Thanks so much for fixing it - like I said, it is a silly little thing, but it keeps me in the chair longer and makes the lesson more fun.

Thanks again,


I can confirm that the play it is still not giving the full 25 points per completion.  Might need a little bit more attention.


I have noticed recently that I cannot see my position on any of the leader board categories unless I make the top 15.  Why has this changed or is it just a bug?


I have noticed that my current streak has been reset to 4 days also


Re Dwight's post, I have also noticed that the positions for 12 months and all time no longer give the relative position which, although not a game change4, is a little disappointing as I liked to use it as a motivational tool to see myself breaking into the top 500/400/300/200 etc. 


Hi all - re Play it!, an unexpected bug came in after the initial fix! It is working as it should now.

Re the leaderboard issue, that is on the list to be sorted out shortly.

Alan-L1 - I will get this looked at as well.

We have basically refactored the entire members' area code base to make it work more efficiently, so it was always likely a few small things would crop up.  On the whole, the change has been fairly seamless :)


Do you have any prevision when we will can listening what we have said on Rocket android app?


Hi aldosilva6 - Unfortunately the way android works is that we can't use voice recognition and keep the recording of the audio as well. So, the desktop version (on Chrome) is best for doing both.

In saying that we will look at a workaround. It may be something we can toggle in the app settings if enough people want it.


Excited to hear about the Russian 2 and 3 levels.  Will those of us with level 1 get an email when they’re available, or do we just check back periodically?


Hi Rachel - Yes, there will be an email notification, as well as the trial version appearing in your current Rocket Russian course!

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