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Hi, there is not a trial for the Rocket English and I just cannot understand the idea. How do you provide instructions for the learners if it is a course for the beginners to the intermediate? And could you please also clarify which accent is used British or American? Thank you.


<p>Hi Tinos - Rocket English is entirely in (simplified) English. In the future we will be adding languages to help with the translations. For example, we will be adding Mandarin in there soon, so that Mandarin speakers will more easily be able to understand what's going on.</p><p>And the accents used are American.<br></p>


I wish there is a trial for Rocket English. I will recommend it for many. most people i know care about improving their English


<p>Hi Maha - This is on the development list! Hopefully within the next 2-3 weeks.<br></p>


I will recommend Rocket English to my Arabic speaking study partner. I am glad you are going to offer it.


I am trying to use Rocket English with a Latin American non English speaking student, but it seems pointless as all the menus and lessons are in English which if he could read or understand, he would not need the program. Can I change this and how? Thank you


Hi William - Please contact customer support and get your account swapped for a Rocket Ingles (English for Spanish speakers) one.


Do you plan to offer intermediate (level 2) or advanced (level 3) courses? I would be interested for both.


Hi Alexandros - Sorry, there are no immediate plans to offer higher levels of Rocket English.


Sorry to Necro an old thread, but I have a question about Rocket English.
I'm looking to purchase the English course for my japanese girlfriend.
Is Rocket Eigo the same course as Rocket English, just localised for Japanese Speakers?
Or is it a seperate course?


Hi David
Good question! Rocket Eigo is a different course, more like our other courses. However, it is due for an overhaul as we haven't reviewed it in some time being a lower usage course and all.

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