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Rocket Reinforcement - When to complete exercises?


In terms of the Rocket Reinforcement activities at the end of a lesson, should all of these be performed straight after the lesson or are they designed to revisited at a later date, or a mixture of the two? In particular, in terms of doing all of them after you have completed the lesson, it's seems like overkill to go over the same words so many times in quick succession and I'm not sure that this is how they should be used.




I would do whatever seems to work best for you. The way I go through the course now is totally different than when I started. If I could do this all over again, after each lesson I would try to practice those phrases with a native speaker. I spent way too much time just going through the lessons without really getting them down.


I agree with Steven on both counts: everyone is different, I do things differently now than in the beginning.

Right now the routine that seems to work best for me is to study the lesson (listen to the audio and go through each phrase). Then I do Hear It Say It, then the flashcards set to English>Spanish, then Write It, and finally Know It. This way I alternate between English>Spanish and Spanish>English. I also write down any phrases that I do not know or understand.

When I encounter new words I add them to my deck in Anki, using the accompanying phrase from the RL lesson and a picture to help remind me of the word.


I usually concentrate on the lesson and come back for the reinforcements the next day.  Then I go back and do them again many times over several weeks for added review and practice.


I have been waiting until over one year, then I go back to a lesson and re-do the flash cards.  After a little study it will come back to me fairly easily.  Then you know you "have it down" in your memory bank.

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