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Forum Speech recognition no longer working on table or phone when using web version

Speech recognition no longer working on table or phone when using web version



I used to be able to use the "regular" PC website on my tablet and phone to record "play it". I can no longer do that. I am getting the following errors:
"Whoops! Looks like there is a networking issue in obtaining speech recognition results. Please try again later". Then that message disappears, and the following is displayed: "Sorry, I didn't catch that. Please try again".
I know it is recording  because I can play it back so why am I getting an error?
The reason I like to use the "web version" is because the web version retains the play it recordings. The phone / tablet app does not retain the recordings on "play it". It is as though you never did it.  Why?
Is there an issue with the latest Chrome version (both my Android 9 Google Pixel phone and my Samsung Galaxy tab A have Chrome version 76.0.3809.111 while my Windows 10 PC has 76.0.3809.100. It records fine on my PC)?
I use the app on both my phone and tablet and have no issues with recording so I know the microphones are okay. It is just when I use the web version that the recordings don't work.


The phone app does have intermittent problems on recording. Have you tried using a different browser to check if that is the cause.

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