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I am just starting my journey with Rocket French. I have some basics from my time at school so I started with level 1, module 5 (wine and cheese!). 

My question is: how many of the functions after the lesson are worth doing? and, when do you reccomend doing them? For example, the flash cards or hear it > say it seem too easy once I have just done it so is it better to wait? 



Ciao Thomas. I’m sure it’ll vary according to personal taste, but I do them all, occasionally varying the order, but mostly in sequence. They’re all valuable components of each lesson. Have fun! Chris 


I do them all also. I then use them to review. So I go back at a later date and just do a few to make sure I've not forgotten. I have the memory of a goldfish though so this might not be necessary for other people. 

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