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support iphone


I would like download the course material and listen to on the iphone? could any one tell me how do I do


Hello, What I do to listen on my Android phone or iPad is I download the files to my computer and put them into iTunes (iPad) or my music program Spotify for my phone.


I would support an iOS and Android Rocket German app. But what Dionna said is a great way to do it at the moment.


Hello all! We are currently working on a Rocket Languages app that will make it much easier for mobile users. You should be notified when it's released. - The Rocket Languages Team


Any update on when an app might be available for iphone?!! Excitedly awaiting, Pam


Hi Pam, Sorry for the late reply. Unfortunately it looks like it will be early next year for the iOS and upgraded Android apps to be released. With the large amount of content and functionality in our courses, it has proven trickier than we anticipated to get these ready.


I too am waiting for the iPad content. I cannot access the phrase finder or my vocab. It's frustrating having to leave the site and use something like google translate, and its not always correct. I can't even download the new Rocket French from the Google apps as I only have an itouch and an iPad. Really feel I am missing out not being able to practice on the speech recognition. When do you think early next year will be?


Hi Anne- I just mentioned this in another similar thread. An upgraded Android app will be out within a fortnight. The iOS app will be a little longer as Apple has a lengthier approval process. In saying that, there will be components of the desktop course that will not work within the apps. A major one of these is Rocket Record; you will be able to play the audio but not record yourself. The problem is that Rocket Record runs on Flash, which neither Android or Apple support (and there isnt a decent alternative at this stage). You can run Flash via a browser on iOS products but you have to purchase something like "photon web browser" from the app store to do so. Other members have done this successfully.


It is great to see you are working on an iOS app; and certainly understand the legendary Apple waiting process. Can't wait to see this product. Thanks.


Hi Hernan et al - Just letting you know that the iOS app is now available!


This is very good news. I am looking forward to checking this out and really appreciate your efforts. Thank you!


Jason, the iphone app is nice, but it does not work when the iphone screen locks. It would be helpful if the app prevented the screen from locking or if the audio worked even when the screen locked. I realize I can always download the audio and use the mp3s to avoid this problem, but using the app for this would be nice.


Finally the iphone app has arrived I only had a kindle as an android device and the ipad has better battery life so I have been waiting for this to review Rocket Japanese Premium over and over again :D so stoked


Hi Random1 - I will get that added to the fix list for the next release. Hi Remcy - Excellent. Good luck with your Japanese!


I'm wondering if there's any way to download the audio files to my iPhone? I've seen a few posts regarding this topic, but they're all fairly old posts (iPhone software and rules seem to endlessly change). I tried to download the audio and put it in my iTunes library in the cloud, but the system wouldn't allow it, saying it was not "eligible."
Any thoughts about how to get the audio on the phone so I don't constantly use up data to live stream the audio? Thanks!!


Hi Patrick - Being able to use a lot of the features offline will be in the next app release due out now at the end of August!


Excellent! By the way, I've been using Rocket French for about two weeks now, upon reading the advice of Donovan Nagel at Mezzofanti Guild...absolutely a great program!


Thanks Patrick - Always looking to improve it!

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