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Awhile back I was looking for a way to shake up my learning process a bit. So I decided to try going back and forth between English and Spanish:

1. Do the Hear It Say It test (Spanish to English).
2. Do the flash cards (English to Spanish.)
3. Do the Write It test (Spanish to English).
4. Do the Know It test (English to Spanish).

While I don't have any empirical evidence to prove it, it feels like by the time I get to the Know It test, the back and forth mental juggling between my native and target language makes expressing the ideas in Spanish a bit easier.

It would be interesting to hear about other learning strategies people have developed to use with Rocket Languages.


I usually do the written test first. Knowing the spelling helps me to remember the words for the verbal tests to come.  But your strategy makes a lot of sense.  I shall give it a try. 

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