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Unwelcome pop-up

nóng fū

Just today, every time I click on an icon I get a pop-up that says " Congratulations, You've just achieved a new badge. Cool!"

It is definitely not cool.


Me too - Rocket Italian. It's really annoying and basically means I can't use the program properly!  I have restarted my whole computer and tried other devices but it's still happening... I hope it gets fixed very soon :(


Yes I get that too in german, every time I get a point I get the pop-up. It makes play it tests unusable and everything else very annoying.
I tried logging out and clearing the cache with no effect.


Happening in French also. Very difficult to work on lesson. Hope this gets fixed soon.


Me too! I should have my Supreme Master of the Universe badge by now!  I can't hear the spoken bit of the phrases either although I can hear the lessons.

A damn good excuse to do something else though! 

PS  And I even got a new badge for posting this comment.


Same here for Spanish and Chinese courses


Same in Italian


Glad I'm not the only one. First day, and thought for a terrible moment that it's always like this! Just too annoying to work with.



Same here in Italian


Please fix it.  The program is completely unusable at the moment.  And it's messing with my schedule.  LOL.  


Hopefully, Rocket operates as a democratic institution and the weight of the Vox Populi (Latin), will persuade Rocket to remove this irksome provision of badges. Unlike the cartoon character Muttley, I do not require a medal for every minor achievement."..


Same here with Rocket Spanish. It's making the course very annoying at the moment

Sū shān

I've switched over to using the phone app for now, as that seems to be working OK.


Agree Spanish is acting up as well


Same here (German). Very irritating, I think I will have to skip my lesson until this is resolved. I cannot concentrate getting spammed with the pop up constantly.

edit to add: I've also sent a message using the Contact Us help center button as suggested by  夫婦茶碗


Very annoying


Same here! The program is unusable. (French)


Is there an email or form for reaching Rocket support? The problem is clearly related to the points system but there is no direct "send feedback" option for points as far as I know.

Update: Yes, there is a "Contact Us" button in the Help Center. Has anyone sent a message about the annoying points pop-up that way?

Dean V

Happening to me as well, really annoying and definitely not cool


I sent an email via the contact form and received the message, "Thanks for your email. Please allow 2-4 working days for a response." Hopefully they see and fix it sooner than 48 hours.


Constant pop up on Japanese as well.  Off putting and irritating.  Needs prompt action.


I've sent an email as well as suggested by 夫婦茶碗 and I linked back to this thread, I recommend everyone else do the same so hopefully they look and resolve it quickly.


I've sent them an email as well. Hopefully, they are working on it. It's very annoying.


I don't think I did anything different (didn't clear my cache, didn't log out/back in) but it appears the non-stop notification has stopped for me.


It has resolved for me as well :)


and me :)

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