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What to do about the point cheaters


This is getting ridiculous and it is beyond a joke, it is childish, beyond stupid and only setting back the people doing it.


We see the same names every day with BS amounts of points that no normal human being could possibly accumulate in a 24 hour period. Each language has its own cheater who comes to this site on  daily basis to game the site to keep their name at number one on the board.

Come on seriously like 90,000 points in a day from member ron-antibes - professional points cheater, probably cannot hold a sentence in French, then there is Joe-C4 another points cheater - 64,000 points in a day. Again probably some geeky kid who failed the class in school and is only coming on here to cheat by accumulating points to keep their name at the top. Then there is Ignecxy in Japanese 18,000 points in a day. Another cheater and that persons only goal is to get their name at the top of Japanese list. How modest, lets not aim for all courses but just for Japanese. Another cheater. Probably cannot understand any Japanese at all and probably has never studied the language for the past year.

I know how you are all doing it. You are building massive flash card lists and filling it with like 100 or more cards then going to the list and keep repeatedly hitting "enter" and "1" that way you blitz the cards in rapid succession and accumulate mass points in minutes. You probably have multiple tabs open on your browser just to increase the effect and block out the system that is attempting to stop this behaviour. 

Then when you get sick of flash cards you "create your own hidden flash cards" You open multiple tabs on your browser and create like 20 new sets in a number of minutes. At 100 points per set of flashcards you create that is like 20,000 points in a matter of minutes unless the system stops you.

This is childish, this is stupid, the people doing it probably have some form of mental illness or social disorder where they cannot lead a normal life. It is not healthy, it is not helping you learn and when people check their progress all they see is the same losers at the top of the list. The top of the leader board is not the best person. It is actually the biggest loser who wasted the most of their time cheating on points. How sad and pathetic.

In the last year I have passed 2 levels of the Japanese Language Proficiency Test. I have studied hard for this and know my stuff. I know how much work you need to do to pass an official government sponsored test. What the above people and their friends are doing is cheating. I would bet my house that none of them would be able to pass an officially recognised test of the language they are studying. They are just miserable sad people cheating the points system with their ultimate goal to have their names at the top of the leader board. How sad that their entire day consists of nothing more than sitting on Rocket Languages acquiring points. I wonder how they manage to find time to eat and go to the toilet or even sleep.


To be fair, I think there has been a problem with the points as displayed in the "My progress" section for the last week or so, in that they are inflated by a ridiculous amount. For instance when I look at my progress in Rocket French, it gives me 5000+ points, supposedly for the last 24 hours, and I know I've only accumulated about 700 (since I noticed this I've been keeping a record).
If you look in the Feedback and Comments you'll see a thread about this problem. (Sorry I don't know how to link directly.)

So it's almost certain that there is a glitch and it's perhaps accumulating all the points over the last two weeks or something.
Anyway, at the end of the day, if you are here to learn the language (which we both are) then I agree that cheating would be a bit daft.


They are definitely cheating. There is a points discrepancy over a 24 hour period how they don't just reduce in the correct time but still in a 24 hour period it is a ridiculous amount.

These losers have nothing better to do with their life than sit on a website and accumulate points just to get their name at the top of the board. It is the same losers on a daily basis.

I have been using this website for 4 years now and have seen the same thing for the past 4 years. We are here to learn the language. It is certainly not an intensive for parents to sign their kids up to this website when all they see is a long list of people gaming the system. They will go elsewhere.

I am an adult and have been studying Japanese for some time. The website is useful but for the amount of time that these people sit and accumulate points it is not learning anything at all.

Generally the number one name on the point board is the biggest loser on the site and also the dumbest person who cannot speak a word in the language they are studying. Its pathetic.


The Rocket team has been quietly making changes to the site and a few users have reported wacky points totals:
Site programmers are the only people who can access the information to know for sure if a user is gaming the system or not. 

Even if people are gaming the system, who does it hurt besides them? If someone can say they're at the top of the Leaderboard but can't speak the language that's a waste of their money, not mine. Point farming by some users does not affect other users' ability to learn. 


I hope they do deal with it, perhaps I should start writing the admin emails so that they can get on top of it.

I have done some calculations of my own. It just took me 5 minutes to gain 200 points by the simple "hear it say it", "know it", "write it" exercises. In one hour at that pace it would gain 2,400 points.

At that rate it would take over 8 hours of study to gain 20,000 points.

With the likes of some on here it means they are studying in excess of 24 hours inside a 24 hour period to gain the points they have. No normal human being could do this.

For the likes of igneczy who is continually cheating the rocket Japanese board whose main goal is to get to the top, that person would have to be going over 8 hours a day to get the points they want.

On the other hand if I go to lesson 10.2 At the Pharmacy to the flash card section and constantly hit "enter" and "1" on a deck that I know has 50 cards. That is going to give me 50 points in under 30 seconds.

That is how these cheaters are doing it. They are finding flash card decks with multiple cards or even creating a deck with 1000 cards and opening multiple tabs. Then in a matter of minutes they can accumulate 1000's of points by blitzing cards and not learning and keeping their name at the top of the board.

I am going to write to the Rocket team and suggest that the best option is to remove points from flash cards altogether. 


I have to admit that I was originally of a similar opinion to 夫婦茶碗 above - who does it hurt besides them? I just want to learn the languages I'm interested in, and if people want to gain false kudos, what do I care?

But I think Tony-S10 has raised a valid point: parents who would like to sign up their children could well be put off by the gaming of the system.  And not just children. If someone, adult or child, has genuinely put in the work, he/she deserves a sense of pride in their achievement, which is spoilt by the cheaters.
So it is certainly something the admins ought to address.


"If someone, adult or child, has genuinely put in the work, he/she deserves a sense of pride in their achievement, which is spoilt by the cheaters.
So it is certainly something the admins ought to address."

I will agree to disagree.

Can I understand what I hear or read in my target language? Do I recognize vocabulary? Can I pronounce it correctly? Can I make sentences? This is what matters to me. Where I rank in an arbitrary points game that doesn't measure anything of significant value is of no concern.

By the way, the order of ranking is probably correct, but I can confirm that Rocket is overreporting some totals. On the leaderboards it's showing more than double the points I earned yesterday.

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