Forum Which way around do you use flashcards?

Which way around do you use flashcards?



Hi fellow students,

Its probably just me, but before today I didn't realise that flashcards could be reversed so I've always used them with English on the front and Italian on the back. I use flashcards a lot and had pretty much memorised thousands of English-to-Italian cards. 

Today I reversed them and it really is a completely different thought process for me. I recognise immediately the words which have direct meaning for me, meaning that I don't have to translate them because the Italian word itself has meaning, and others (the majority) which I need to to recognise, think about, and translate. But there are quite a lot which I can't remember even though I can translate English to Italian for the same words. 

Which way way around do you use the flashcards? Have you had a similar experience?


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