Forum Why has my points score changed to blue?

Why has my points score changed to blue?


Just today, the point score and indicator to say how much of the goal is achieved has changed from green to blue. Does that have some meaning?


It must be something new: a signal that you have reached your daily points goal. I have my goal set at 200 points per day, and I had 198 when I read your post. I went back and listened to a question to get 2 more points and reach my goal, upon which my number and circle turned blue as well.

An interesting little tweak, but seems like it would be more graphically illustrative if it was red or yellow and changed to green when you reached your goal.


Yes, you're definitely right. I just tried changing the points goal and could see the colour change. Odd though .. you'd normally think that green would be 'good'. 


Hi guys - Well spotted! We may well switch that around; i.e. have it blue first then it turns green when the daily goal has been reached.


Update: We have just made this change. The points widget will be blue until the daily goal is reached. At this time it will turn green!


Hi Jason,

Very responsive!! 



I like this feature.  And I'm glad that you changed it to change to green upon reaching the goal.

Phédre nó Delaunay de Montréve

Yeah, I like this feature too!

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