is ¿Tienes hermanos? and ¿Tiene hermanos? the same thing? i ask because one is in the interactive audio course text and the other is in the conversation course book. i just wanted to make sure there the same thing because they each have the same translation. CHEERS :D


Yes, it's basically the same thing. Only that you use _tiene_ with an 's' when speaking to someone on familiar terms, and the other form when speaking to someone on unfamiliar terms. For instance, you would ask a friend, ¿Tienes hermanos?, while on the other hand, you would ask Professor Johnson, ¿Tiene hermanos?; ¿Tiene usted hermanos?.


Y tambien, ¿Tiene hermanos? could also mean "does he/she have any brothers and sisters?" Remember that "tiene" is the second person unfamiliar(usted) AND the third person singular form of tener.

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