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I started German at 7th grade because it was either Spanish or German and I thought everybody was taking Spanish, so I wanted to try something different from lots of the other kids. I am now a senior in high school, currently in my 5th year of German, with lots of knowledge of the language, but very weak at the grammar. This is basically why I bought the course to strengthen my grammar, and of course, broaden my vocabulary, comprehension, and many other things. Good Luck With Your German Studies Everyone! Viel Glück Leute :D


Freut mich! :P


We moved to Switzerland 7yrs ago and of course I could not speak german, so I decided to learn it . Unfortunately it is very expensive here so after 4months I gave it up. If i had known about Rocket German before i would have bought it straight away. I have now got both parts Rocket and More Rocket German and I find the course very good and fun too. It has helped me to be a bit more bold in talking to people even if I make mistakes. Susan Gee

Hallo, that's great to hear. The most important thing is to loose your fear of speaking and making mistakes. As soon as you are over that you will automatically practice so much more. Think about children...they are not scared to make a mistake when saying unfamiliar words, they just try it again and again and then they get it right. All the best for your German learning!

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