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I'm on lesson 1.5 as of right now and enjoying it very much. lets say i would be visiting Mexico in the next couple months, which interactive audio lessons would be best to listen to, to make my way around? And how do I use the interactive audio courses with the grammar books and mega games? Best Spanish Course Ever!!!!!!!!! Cheers :D


Hola Oli, The best way is to go along with chapters... read chapter 1.5 of the beginners grammar book, then listen to the chapter 1.5 audio lesson, then look into the conversation course book chapter 1.5... and so on... If you are looking for extra vocabulary to get around I would suggest you download the "Bonus Audio Lessons" these are specific to a number of topics. Also have a look at the Travel vocabulary list on our webpage... __ I hope that helps... Regards Mauricio.

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