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Hello everyone I am just wanting to say hello to fellow foreign language speakers:-)



Hello Raj^_^.  

We are a select group, aren't we, determined to persist and learn a new language.    I love the Rocket French course.  I started during lockdown last July, determined to have some achievement during these strange times.  For years and years I have muttered about my inability to communicate in French, I had good comprehension, but hopeless at speaking.  In July 2020 I started the course and have persisted daily since then.  I am not there yet but 216 days in am amazed at my progress.

I am looking forward to going to France again, whenever that will be.  I will be able to chat and to understand, and not to have to resort to “do you speak English”.

I enjoy  looking in awe at where the high flyers are in the ratings, but am quite satisfied with muddling along.  


Good luck with your studies!

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