Accented letters.




In the search section I typed in accents to get help. I'm looking for help with the punctuation (spelling) accents and not the speaking (regional) accents.

Kind regards



Hi Paul,

In Italian the vowels have accents only.
At the end of the word, a vowel can have this accent (`).
Except for the wovel “e”  which can have both (`) and (´).
If it´s "è" is pronounced very open but if it´s "é" is more closed.
It´s a bit difficult to add all the words in the course therefore I would recommend to check a dictionary.
I personally like the "Garzanti" .
In any case here below you can find some examples:

Caffè ("kahf-feh")  »  coffee
Città ("cheet-tah")  »  city
Lunedì ("loo-neh-dee")  »  Monday
Perché ("pehr-keh")  »  why; because

I hope this helps.


Thanks Maria

This has helped. It also will be useful for my spelling tests.


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