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I often get confused on adjective placement.  The dialogue in lesson 5.1 includes each of the following sentences.

1.  È questo piccolo appartamento al secondo piano.
2. È un appartamento piccolo, ma c'è tutto!

In sentence 1, it is translated as "little apartment" and sentence 2 it is translated as "small apartment."

In putting the adjective before vs. after, is one form emphasizing the adjective more than the other?  It's hard to tell which is which from the two sentences above.  Also, can you change the placement of any adjective or only certain kinds of adjectives?



Hi Jay,

Most adjectives follow the noun in Italian but some can go before, mostly ones to do with size (piccolo, grande), quality (bello, bravo) and age (giovane, vecchio) but there are others. I understand that they go after the noun for emphasis but they can be either side. Most others should follow.


Lucia - Rocket Languages Tutor

Hi jrdevivo,

You might find this useful:

If you have any other questions, don't hesitate to ask!



Thanks  Lucia - that link hit all my questions!  Thank you too Drew - I'll add those rules to my cheat sheet!


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