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Auxiliary verb for "invitare"



In lesson 6.6 there is the phrase "Non siamo più invitati a casa loro." (We are no longer invited to their place.)  When I looked up the verb invitare ( it said that it is conjugated with avere instead of essere.  Is the verb site wrong, or can invitare be conjugated with either verb depending on the usage?
Lucia - Rocket Languages Tutor

Lucia - Rocket Languages Tutor

Hi jrdevivo,

Invitare uses avere in its active voice (the subject performs an action), but we have a passive voice here (the subject undergoes an action performed by someone else):

Io ho invitato Marco. I (have) invited Marco.
Io sono stato invitato da Marco. I was (have been) invited by Marco.
Io sono invitato a casa sua. I am invited to his place.

Passive forms are constructed with either essere or venire.

Hope this helps!



Thanks, Lucia!  I hadn't yet encountered passive voice.



This is a very good question by jrdevivo.

How would one apply this verb when speaking of a group, plural other than themselves.

For example would it be correct to write and say:

Loro sono stati invitati/e - they were/have been invited
Voi siete stati invitati/e - You all were/have been invited

and then Also

Noi siamo stati invitati/e  we all were/have been invited

Are the above conjugations correct?
Lucia - Rocket Languages Tutor

Lucia - Rocket Languages Tutor

Hi rigoletto,

Yes, they are all correct! :)

Basically you treat "invitato" as any other past participle or adjective, so you can either have invitato, invitata, invitati, invitate.

Such rule does not apply in active voice, since there is no need to match the genre here:
Io ho invitato Marta. Marta è stata invitata da me.
I invited Marta. Marta was invited  by me.

All the other past participles behave the same way.


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