che or come for how


In the survival lesson on love, "How good you are" is Che bravo, but in the lesson on Vesuvius "How wonderful you (all) are" translates to come siete bravi.   While I understand siete bravi for he plural "you all", I don't understand why come is used here instead of che for how. Are these two words interchangeable.

Lucia - Rocket Languages Tutor

Hi vpserio,

In such sentences, come and che have the same meaning, but come is used together with the verb. Che is followed only by the adjective.

Che bello! - How nice!
Come sei bello! - How beautiful you are!

Che cielo azzurro! - Such a blue sky! ("What blue sky!")
Com'è (come è) azzurro il cielo! - How blue the sky is!

Hope this helps!


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