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Combined pronouns and verb agreement


I started lesson 10.7 on combined pronouns.  It made sense until I got to 2 examples that were in the past tense:
Tuo padre ti ha comprato la macchina ieri
Your father bought you the car yesterday
Tuo padre te l'ha comprata ieri
Your father bought it for you yesterday   

   Giulio ha regalato loro dei cioccolatini
   Giulio has gifted them some chocolates
   Giulio glieli ha regalati
   Giulio has gifted them to them
   From the looks of these 2 examples, it seems that in passato prossimo, the verb has to agree with the direct            object?  Is that the case?  The lesson doesn't make any mention of that rule.




Lucia - Rocket Languages Tutor

Hi Jay,

You are right. When pronouns are used together with passato remoto, as in this case, the rule is that the past participle will agree with the pronoun.

Ho comprato il cellulare. L'ho (lo ho) comprato.
Ho comprato la macchina. L'ho (la ho) comprata.
Ho comprato i fiori. Li ho comprati.
Ho comprato le matite. Le ho comprate.

Hope this helps!


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