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Conditional Grammar



My question refers to Rocket Italian Premium Plus Lesson 9.5 Conditional Present Part 1 Activity 2. Questiion 4. When required to supply the correct conditional verb for the following Mi _______ (piacere) andare a teatro qualche volta. I put piacerei but the answer from RI Premium Plus was piacerebbe. I disagree as the sentence is in the first peson but RIPP provides conditional verb that is in third person. Which is correct?


Ciao Bob, the correct verb is " mi piacerebbe". In most of regular verbs, in order to get the conditional present form, you would nee to add -erei. Example: io riderei (I would laugh) However the verb "she/he/it would be liked " is an exception... Here the conjugation: A me piacerebbe a te piacerebbe a lui/lei piacerebbe a noi piacerebbe a voi piacerebbe a loro piacerebbe I hope this helps. Ciao

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