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I came across

"Lei non vuole vederlo" - she does not want to see him.

I was wondering, if i wanted to say, she doesn't want to see it, instead, if say for argument sake we are speaking of a "video" how would you conjugate the vedere verb?

Video being masculine gender, I am thinking vederlo is already see (him) it, am i right? So "Lei non vuole vederlo" would already be the correct sentence?

Other examples i conjugated, can you tell me if i am on the right track here please:

1. Lei non vuole vederci - She does not want to see us.
2. Lei non vuole vederti - She does not want to see you.
3. Lei non vuole provarlo - She does not want to try it. (soggetto è Vino)
4. Lei non vuole mangiarlo - She does not want to eat it. (soggetto è cioccolato)
5. Lei non vuole mangiarla - She does not want to eat it. (soggetto è pasta)

Lucia - Rocket Languages Tutor

Lucia - Rocket Languages Tutor

Buon pomeriggio rigoletto,

Yes, you are right. The pronuon lo refers to both him and it. La is used for feminine nouns - like pasta, as you correctly wrote, while li and le are, respectively, used to replace plural masculine and plural feminine nouns (loro).

Non voglio vederli. I don't want to see them. (the subject can be anything masculine: cani, gatti, tavoli, libri, fiori...)
Non voglio vederle. I don't want to see them. (rose, macchie, zanzare, finestre...)

Of course, the same also applies to people.
When the group is composed of only females, use le.
When it's 100% males, use li.
When it's mixed, doesn't matter the proportion, use li.

Hope this helps!

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