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I would like to ask the difference of 'di' and 'in'
take for example this sentence : " Lei e di Palermo, in Sicilia. "
is "di" used to describe a city, while "in" is used to describe a country (something larger than a city/area)?

Lucia - Rocket Languages Tutor

Lucia - Rocket Languages Tutor

Hi Rachelyeo,

You're right.
Di used in front of cities translates "from [city]". In is used in the same way as in English, but for countries only.
In Italia, in Italy.
In Germania, in Germany.
In Francia, in France.

If you want to translate "in [city]", you'll use the preposition a.
A Londra, in London.
A Parigi, in Paris.
A Berlino, in Berlin.
A Roma, in Rome.

I am from Palermo > Io sono di Palermo.
I am in Palermo > Io sono a Palermo.
Where are you from? > Di dove sei? / Or Da dove vieni?

Hope this helps!


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