direct and indirect pronouns



Ciao a tutti

I am still struggling to find my way aroound this pesky issue. I see the la attatched to a verb, as in portarla and still have no idea how to convert it to not being attatched to a verb. Example

When I see them side by side it is logical

Has anyone got some good suggestions where I can do more of these. I seem seem to go back to them again and again and then when I see them in a sentence. Have just no clue.






Hi Sharon, 


thanks for your question!

Although you might have seen these already, I'm sharing the links to two useful pages which could clarify some of your doubts: 


"To Me" and "To Her": Indirect Object Pronouns:

Putting Direct & Indirect Object Pronouns Together:


Let me also share with you a couple of examples to better understand the differences:


Ho deciso di portarla a casa. --→ I've decided to take her home.

You cannot write “Ho deciso di la portare a casa.”


Troverò il coraggio di dirlo. --→ I'll find the courage to say it.

You cannot write “Troverò il coraggio di lo dire.”


Non ho mai detto di farlo. --→ I've never said to do it.

You cannot write “Non ho mai detto di lo fare.”


So in these cases, the Direct Object Pronoun always has to be attached to the ending of the verb.


Please let me know in case you have more questions, I'll be happy to help! :) 


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