Direct object pronouns.



Have been working through direct object pronouns, revision as well as from a text book. In the text book they refer to “Forte e debole” object pronouns and is this an antiquated approach.

Was also revising Level 1 direct object pronouns,

Came across Lo vedi - Do you see it

I assume you can also say  La vedi  Do you see it

I am still grappling with some grammar issues and keep going back to certain ones to get a grip on them. 

At this stage am just not taking the grammar too seriously, just going with it all and slowly a bigger picture is forming.




Hi Sebongela, 


thanks for bringing this topic up - it's super interesting!

Your assumption is correct - you can also say “La vedi” as long as you are referring to a female noun (es. La vedi (la casa)?)


I also agree about not taking the grammar too seriously - sometimes you just need to “flow” with it. But pratice does allow for improvements, I'm so proud for all the progress you've made so far!!

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