Which of these is correct? 

1) Mi piace il gelato e la torta dolce.
2) Mi piacciono il gelato e la torta dolce.
3) Mi piacciono i gelati e la torte dolci.

To describe the fact that I like ice cream and sweet cakes in general.
Lucia - Rocket Languages Tutor

Lucia - Rocket Languages Tutor

Hi Jemma,

The most correct one would be:
Mi piacciono i gelati e le torte dolci.

You use piacciono (plural) instead of piace (singular) because you're introducing more than one element in the sentence.
The sentence can also work with the nouns in their singular forms: Mi piacciono il gelato e la torta dolce, this especially if you're referring to a specific cake or ice cream (as if you were pointing at your favorite dishes from a buffet selection in front of you).

Hope this helps!


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