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ex 4.10



Voglio dare loro un consiglio.

After stating that the indirect personal pronoun goes before the verb, why does loro go after the verb “dare”

When the previous sentences they go before the verb.

When is this ever not confusing. LOL




Hi Sebongela, 


Thank you so much for your question! Sometimes grammar can indeed be confusing, I perfectly see your point :D 

In this case, please note that, as specified in lesson 4.10, “Loro is a bit strange because it goes AFTER the verb, not before like all the others.”


Let me give you a couple of examples:

  • Ho detto loro di andare via. = I told them to leave.
  • Le ho detto di andare via. = I told her to leave. 
  • Carla ha dato loro una mela. = Carla gave them an apple.
  • Carla gli ha dato una mela. = Carla gave him an apple.

As you can see, when using “loro," you need to place the pronoun AFTER the verb. When using a different pronoun (such as “le” or “gli" for instance), you will need to place it BEFORE the verb.

Hope this helps! :)



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