Formal/polite form


I learned that the formal you form follows the second person singular form. However, to practice my Italian, I am reading Le Avventure di Pinocchio, and I noticed that Pinocchio addresses Geppetto using the second person plural (voi) form. Can someone explain?


Hi Vanessa677, 

Thanks for your question, good catch!

What you said is indeed correct: the formal "you" form follows the second person singular form. 

Pinocchio, however, addresses Geppetto using the "voi" most probably because it uses the old way of addressing someone formally (Pinocchio was written long ago, in 1883).

Back in time, people used to use the second person plural form (voi) instead of the third person singular (lei) as "formal you".  Nowadays, it is very unusual to hear someone using such form (elderly people tend to use it). 

Hope this clarifies it! :) 

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