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Forming grammatically sound sentence




I have a confusion here.

So here it goes:
I have a dining room, in this dining room, there is a big dining table, 6 chairs and 1 sideboard.

How do i express this sentence in Italian?

Attempt 1: In questa sala da pranzo, ci sono è una grande tavola, sei sedie, è una credenza.

Attempt 2: In questa sala da pranzo, c'è una grande tavola, ci sono sei sedie, è una credenza.

Which attempt is the right one and why?

Lucia - Rocket Languages Tutor

Lucia - Rocket Languages Tutor

Hi jingling,

The first attempt is the most correct:

(Ho una sala da pranzo.) In questa sala da pranzo, ci sono una grande tavola, sei sedie e una credenza.

When listing more than one object, ci sono is used because this is the plural form of "there is" (there are). Remember not to put an accent on "e" when it stands for "and", because "è" means "(it) is". Also avoid the comma behind the final "e". You can either use just the comma (this form is a bit frowned upon though) or the "e" alone.

Hope this helps!

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