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For this sentence, "Dylan and Alex feel cold", is it correct to say in Italian: "Dylan e Alex sentono freddo" ?(Freddo because the 2 subjects are Male)

If the subjects are changed to one male and one female, i.e. "Dylan and Kimberly feel cold", is it still correct to say "Dylan e Kimberly sentono freddo" ?

The last case scenario is when the 2 subjects are females, so "Kimberly and Michelle feel cold", is it correct to say "Kimberly e Michelle sentono fredda (instead of freddo, because here we are talking about females ONLY)" ?

Lucia - Rocket Languages Tutor

Lucia - Rocket Languages Tutor

Hi Rachelyeo,

Freddo is a noun here, not an adjective, so it does not change based on the gender of the subject. Whatever the combination of subjects, it will always be freddo.

Dylan e Alex sentono freddo. Dylan e Kimberly sentono freddo. Kimberly e Michelle sentono freddo.

Hope this helps!


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