Future tense "metterò" 6.3



I have a question in relation to lesson 6.3.

"Mi metterò il mio favorito speedo!"

I realise he starts off with Mi in the sentence.

Why do we commence the phrase here with "mi" and not with "io" instead? Is there a significant difference beginning the sentence of the future tense between the two?
Lucia - Rocket Languages Tutor

Lucia - Rocket Languages Tutor

Hi rigoletto,

Mettere, as many other Italian verbs, has a reflexive form: mettersi. While mettere means simply to put, to place, mettersi means to put on, to wear. Literally, it could be translated as "to put oneself".

Metto il cappello sul tavolo. I place the hat on the table.
Mi metto il cappello in testa.  I wear the hat on my head. ("I put myself the hat on my head.")

"Myself" is here translated as "to me", hence mi.

Hope this helps!


That makes a lot of sense to me now, very interesting how the italian grammar works. I love it. Thanks Lucia :)

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