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Gender and number of article applying to several following nouns


I must check the wording on a proposed inscription. It includes the phrase "Il sito delle stamperia e accademia di ...". because there is insufficient room for an alternative which sounds to me more acceptable: "Il sito della stamperia e dell'accademia di ...".
If a single article applies to several following nouns which differ in number and/or gender, what form does it take?


Hi ptabor2, 

Thank you for your question! 

In this specific sentence, "della" means "of the", not simply "the" (article). It is indeed correct to use the sentence "Il sito della stamperia e dell'accademia di..." as you proposed. You could also opt to write "I siti della stamperia e dell'accademia di..." (literally: the websites of...). 

The term "delle" (of the + plural noun (feminine)  has to be followed by a plural noun (feminine). For instance, it could be "il sito delle università" (literally: the website of the universities).

Articles are generally used in relation to each noun: 
e.g. ieri ho comprato la carta, le forbici e le penne (literally: yesterday I bought the paper, the scissors and the pens). 
Alternatively, you could say "ieri ho comprato carta, forbici e penne". It is not possible to say "ieri ho comprato le carta, forbici e penne". 

Consistency may cause issues when it comes to adjectives:
When we have multiple masculine nouns, we will use masculine adjectives. 
e.g. il cane e il gatto adulti  (literally: the dog and the cat adult)
The same happens when we have multiple feminine nouns:
e.g. la porta e la finestra rosse (literally: the door and the window red)
When we have mixed nouns (feminine and masculine), we will use masculine adjectives:
e.g. una ragazza e un ragazzo italiani (literally: a girl and a boy Italian)

Hope this answers your question but don't hesitate to let me know if you would like further details, perhaps listing the most common cases where consistency may represent an issue. :)


That's very helpful. As I mentioned, however, there's simply insufficient room on the plaque for two "della"s. So even if it's not technically correct to write "Il sito della stamperia e accademia", would it be at least forgivable in the context?

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Hi ptabor2, 

Thank you for the feedback. Could you please let me know in which lesson you found this sentence? We can then review it and fix it. 

Kind Regards. 

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