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Had ....



Ciao! I am new and still learning. I came across an example sentence somewhere that said "abbiamo avuto un problema" (we had a problem). Got me wondering how to say "had" for all persons/pronouns. Is the following correct? ho avuto un problema hai avuto.... ha avuto abbiamo avuto And any other tips on this appreciated! Grazie! avete avuto avevano un problema


Ciao Viviana, in Italian the past is expressed by using the present perfect tense. Therefore the past of the verb "avere" will be : io ho avuto tu hai avuto lui,lei ha avuto noi abbiamo avuto voi avete avuto loro hanno avuto I'd recommend to go to lesson 4.8 and you will be able to have explanation about the use of this tense. Buon divertimento. Ciao

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