ho fatto, fatta in casa ?



Hi, I am learning the perfect past tense.

I understand that 'I made' in Italian is 'ho fatto'.
The lesson says that it will always be fatto with an 'o'.

But I see a quote on my pasta machine that says 'la buona pasta fatta in casa'.

Why is this 'fatta' ?

Lucia - Rocket Languages Tutor

Lucia - Rocket Languages Tutor

Hi John,

In Italian, many adjectives are derived from the past participles of verbs. Fatta doesn't follow any auxiliary verb here (in ho fatto, the auxiliary is avere) and it's treated as an adjective.
Since adjectives take on the characteristics of the noun they modify (masculine, feminine, singular, plural), fatto as an adjective can have here more than one form. Pasta is a feminine, singular noun, so fatto becomes fatta. (The other two forms being fatti and fatte, those, respectively, for plural masculine and plural feminine nouns).

Here are a couple of examples using these two:
Dei libri fatti a mano. Some handmade books.
Delle sciarpe fatte di lana. Some scarves made of wool.

Hope this helps! :)



Ok grazie Lucia, ho capito!

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