Forum Rocket Italian Italian Grammar I need help with a grammar rule ...when to use io, mi, sto...( I am)

I need help with a grammar rule ...when to use io, mi, sto...( I am)



Ciao…I have been studying Italian for 2 years…very slowly…and I always have this issue regardless of where I am with my studies. When do I use the correct form of “essere” when it comes to actions I am taking?

io, sono, mi, sto…it is giving me anxiety all the time that I cannot get this grammar rule down after 2 years of working on this.  Just when I think it should be sono…it is mi. It's exhausting. Can anyone out there give me a tried and true table of when I should use the correct form and use a simple phrase, se è possibile, to show me. Also, give me the reason why it is used in that way for the action being taken. Grazie mille!! Nathan 



Ciao Nathan

Caterina will give you an excellent explanation.  For me, it's all down to conjugations and syntax.  Apparently :). I find it gets much easier when you go with the flow, and learn from examples from context in the Rocket lessons (via revision), and only resort to grammar rules when essential.

Per esempio: 

  • Come stai oggi? Sto bene grazie.
  • Come stai oggi? (Io) sono un po' confuso. For a helpful, graphic explanation. If you want to have a look at the grammar rules.

I suggest you try different resources (e.g. YouTube) rather than get frustrated by your perceived lack of progress on this issue.  The more fun you have with the language, the easier it gets.  Just my perspective, having been mega-frustrated by the grammar in the past.

Buona fortuna






Hi All

I got so uptight with grammar, it just wasn't fun anymore. I am learning languages, because I enjoy them. So I have just relaxed about it and now do what I feel like and I believe that once we stop worrying about it, it eventually does come together. I find as I go through the lessons, I eventually see patterns. I really battled with indirect object pronouns and then even more so, when combining them. Now I have begun to notice them used in conversations and they are forming a better understanding. I just don't worry too much about it now. 

I do find on occasion being awake and night and trying to remember something. It eventaully does pop into my brain, even if it is much later.

Enjoy your language studies




Hi Nathan, 

Thanks for your question! Please don't worry, this might actually be one of the trickiest part about learning will come naturally with practice and time, I promise! :)

If I've understood correctly, you'd need clarity on the difference between "sono" (from "essere") and "sto" (from "stare").  

"Sto" + verb is usually used when something is happening at this very moment:
e.g. Sto facendo i compiti (I'm doing my homeworks)
e.g. Sto mangiando la carne (I'm eating meat)

You can also use "sto" (stare) as "to remain/to stay":
e.g. Sto qui (I remain here)

"Sono" is from essere (to be) and usually describes a state:
e.g. Sono felice (I'm happy)
e.g. Sono malato (I'm ill)

Please let me know if you have specific examples you would like to explore, I'm extremely happy to help! :) 

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