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Italian grammar - Verb ending



Bisogna che io lavori (It's necessary that I work) from Level 2, Module 9.3
Why does "lavori" end with an "i"
Looks like a masculine plural noun (works) but seems to function as a verb in this sentence.
Please explain.


Hi dianalundbom, 

Thanks for your question!

In this specific example, "lavori" comes from the verb "lavorare" (to work) but it's subjunctive  (in Italian we call this form "congiuntivo"). This is why it ends with an "i" rather than an "o", as in "io lavoro" (I work).

The subjunctive form is used with most of impersonal verbs and expressions, such as "bisogna che" or "occorre che" (both meaning "it is necessary that").

Let's take two examples:
"Bisogna che lavori per completare il progetto." = "It is needed that (I) work in order to complete the project."   
- "bisogna che" = it is needed that (fixed expression)
- "lavori" = subjunctive 1st singular person

"Io lavoro qui vicino." = "I work nearby."

Hope this helps, let me know if I can help further :)


Ciao Caterina 
Grazie mille  per la tua risposta!  Ora capisco.  Sono al modulo 10 di livello 2.  Congiuntivo che verra presto.  Il paradiso mi aiuti!




Ciao Diana, 

"Il paradiso mi aiuti" ---> Hai usato perfettamente il congiuntivo, ottimo inizio! :) 

Buon lavoro!

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