Forum Rocket Italian Italian Grammar Leeson 3.9: Why no definite article for "mine" (possessive pronoun"?

Leeson 3.9: Why no definite article for "mine" (possessive pronoun"?



There is a sentence La casa è mia which is translated as The house is mine. I was under the impression that for mine you need il mio or la mia (in the sentence above).

Are they both correct?



Hi Peter

This might be of help in advance of a reply:

As mentioned in the article “In Italian, possessive pronouns agree with the noun they’re used instead of.  For example il mio can only be used to refer to a masculine singular noun.”






Thanks Chris,


But in the example in the lesson, we are using “mine” as a possessive pronoun not an adjective.

Thus I thought that we would say (e.g.) 


Mia casa è piccolo (My house is small) but


La casa è la mia.   (The house is mine.)

In the lesson la is omitted.


The website you provided seems to agree with me, so the example in the lesson looks wrong.





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