lesson 5.6




Can anyone tell me in lesson 5.6 why “Leggo i fumetti ogni giorno”

Li leggo  tutti i giorni"

Why does it change to plural?

Thanks in anticipation.



Hi, I am on 5.6 at the moment (could be here a while!!!)

I was thinking exactly the same thing. I have read that ogni giorno translate to each day but tutti i giorni means every single day. My own interpretation is that it is being used for emphasis and every day is plural.

Maybe someone who is more advanced can clarify for us?



ps I have found a website hinative.com very useful. Learners ask questions and native Italians answer. 



Hi Gary41

Thank you. In the last 2 days found something in the grammar lessons about ogni giorno. Just can't find it now. I stand to correction, but I think they said with “ogni” giorno is always singular. Am bound to come across it sooner or later.





Hi Sebongela, 

Thanks for your question.
"Ogni giorno" and "tutti i giorni" have equivalent meanings.
You could say "Vado a lavoro ogni giorno." (I go to work every day) as well as "Vado a lavoro tutti i giorni." (literally: I go to work all days)

"Ogni giorno" might be used to refer to a daily routine, while "tutti i giorni" might be used when you wish to stress the fact that you do something every day of the week. However, they still have extremely similar meanings :)

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