Lesson sending a package home. 

Lo Metta Sulla bilancia. Put it on the scale

Then mettere to put

Mettere to take

Is this part of the same verb, meaning take or put?




Hi Sebongela, 

the verb "mettere" has several meanings, as you correctly noticed.

The most common one is "to put", as in "mettilo là" (put it there).

At the same time, it could also mean "to wear" as in "mettiti un vestito rosa" (put on a pink dress).

Another meaning could be "to require X time" as in "the bus takes 10 mins", which would be "l'autobus ci mette 10 minuti" (or "l'autobus impiega 10 minuti").  However, in this case, the verb would be "metterci" rather than "mettere".

Hope this helps :) 

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