minestra or zuppa?



How does one say soup in Italian? In my own research I have discovered three words: minestra, zuppa and brodo. In the resources I have, I cannot distinguish between minestra or zuppa - are they the same, do they imply different styles (such as a bisque or a broth), or is it something else entirely? Also, my understanding is that brodo translates to broth - it that correct? Thanks! Mason

Yes! Ithink you are right. No difference between Minestra and Zuppa. You might be familiar with "minestrone" which is a word that comes from "minestra" , but indicates one type of minestra, actually literally "Big soup" which has so many different vegetables as ingredients and sometimes even pasta in it! Brodo is Broth and in Italy is still very popular, especially as a first course- primo piatto, with some lovely fresh pasta in it. Example: Tortellini in brodo. The broth can be home made with meat or / and vegetable or simply made with stock.

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