nel cuore



Hi! in line 3 of lesson 4.3 about Florence, the words 'nel cuore' for 'in the heart of' pop up. would 'in cuore' be ok to use instead of 'nel cuore', or am i missing some essential grammar dean (uk)

Caro Deano71, nel cuore is literally:- in the heart. - Nel - in Italian is the combination of 2 words: in+il = nel In English there is the article - The - in Italian you have: il/la/lo/i/le/gli, so as you can see it is a lot harder. The expression: - in the - in Italian could be: in+il= nel in+la= nella in+lo= nello in+i= nei in+le= nelle in+gli= negli Capito? Do not worry too much! It will become easier in time and with practice! All the best. Buono studio!

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