Forum Rocket Italian Italian Grammar Non mi costringere a chiamare il dottore!

Non mi costringere a chiamare il dottore!



In 8.8, there's a translation for:

Don't force me to call the doctor!

.. which is given as:

Non mi costringere a chiamare il dottore!

Why is the infinitive used for costringere here and not costringi?


Lucia - Rocket Languages Tutor

Hi Drew,

Unlike English, the Italian negative imperative uses the infinitive mood.
If you'd say Non mi costringi a chiamare il dottore, you would say a different sentence, "You don't force me to call the doctor". It would be a statement, not an order.

Other examples:
Non aprire la finestra! - Don't open the window!
Non saltare sul letto! - Don't jump on the bed!
Non farmi da mangiare stasera / Non mi fare da mangiare stasera - Don't cook dinner for me tonight

Positive imperatives use conjugations:
Apri la finestra! - Open the window!
Salta sul letto! - Jump on the bed!
Fammi da mangiare stasera - Cook dinner for me tonight

Hope this helps!



Thanks Lucia, that makes sense. I thought I'd seen conjugations like that in imperatives but it must have been the positive ones.

Cheers, Drew

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