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Past perfect tense with Andare

Signor Riccardo

Signor Riccardo

In Level 1 module 5.9: Past Tense -Imperfect it states the following in the exercises:
-Loro sono andati
They went (feminine)
-Loro sono andate
You went (formal plural -not commonly used).

I thought "Loro sono andati" should be "andate" if feminine, and "Loro sono andate" should be "andati" if in the formal plural form. 

Am I wrong?


Ciao Riccardo, 

Thanks for your question!

Indeed there is a mistake in the lesson, which we are going to fix right now (thanks so much for flagging it!).

Just to clarify and confirm what you correctly pointed out:
  • "loro sono andati" means "they went (masculine)"
  • "loro sono andate" means "they went (feminine)"

The sentences "Loro sono andati" (masc.) and "Loro sono andate" (fem.) could also be used in a formal plural You form but it's extremely rare.

Hope this helps! :)
Signor Riccardo

Signor Riccardo

Grazie Davvero.

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